Crown Imperial

Alumina Copper

This comes in a choice of 4 colours, and a primed finish for you to take away and decorate with your chosen colour.

this exudes a cutting edge feel and a perfect metalfinish to create the pefect fusion kitchen. Available with an array of stunning handle choices or for a seamless look why not choose a contemporay handle-less design.


Alumina can be paired with any of the colours from the Colour Fusions collection.

Crown Imperial


This comes in a choice of 18 colours

A soft cream high gloss slab door with matching plinth, cornice and pelmet creates a stylish, modern kitchen. This range has been extended to include curved feature units and accessories.


This elegant English style kitchen has a simple and classic appeal featuring a deep moulded  solid ash frames and centre panels. Available in a range of sophisticated paint colours which may be combined to create a bespoke kitchen feel.

Ashton acclimatises to all styles wether a townhouse or a country cottage. Add pilasters, toungue and groove panels and wooden knobs to create a country feel. Also availabe with a primed finish for you to take away and decorate yourselves.

Glendevon Flint Grey

A high gloss slab door in a subtle flint grey. Combine with a Solid Oak worktop and square pull handles to create a unique and sophisticated kitchen. The range features curved units and accessories including colour co-ordinated wine racks, pan drawers and curved plinth.

Glendevon Dark Oak

A high gloss dark oak slab door complemented by a cream square edged worktop and stainless steel effect chunky D handles creates a modern look. To give it a more traditional feel use any of the feature units, including open base units and glass wall units.
TenbyA classic barrel top style ivory painted door, with simple tongue and groove effect end panels. Features including pilasters, plate racks and wicker baskets introduce character, and traditional cornice and pelmet completes the look.

Hamworth White

A painted, solid timber in-frame door with veneered centre panel. Select wicker baskets, plate racks and curved gable ends for a traditional style. Create a contemporary finish with tray/chopping board accessory and open base units combined with square bar handles

Hamworth Oak

A solid oak in-frame door with veneered centre panel and reversible tongue and groove end panels. Enhance its traditional appeal with plate racks, pilasters and pewter effect handles. Range contents including wine racks, tray/chopping board accessory base units, full-height glass wall units, curved wall and base units.

Tewkesbury Oak

A rich solid oak Shaker frame door, complemented by a classic cornice and pelmet. Add twist cage handles and alaska white honed square edged worktop for a traditional look.
Tewkesbury White
A solid white Shaker framed door with veneered centre panel is complemented with a solid wood worktop and glass wall units. Enhance the traditional feel with drawer-line wicker basket base units and a white Belfast sink. Create a contemporary feel with hob wall units and square cornice and pelmet. Brushed steel effect square bar handles and radiance smoke quartzstone worktop complete the look.
Tewkesbury Dark Oak
A dark solid oak Shaker frame door creates a contemporary look with brushed steel effect thick strap handles and cream square edged worktop. Create a traditional kitchen using wine racks, drawer-line wicker baskets and glass wall units, complemented by an alaska white honed square edged worktop.
Tewkesbury SkyeA solid Shaker frame door with veneered centre panel. Traditional features include open wall units and wine racks, finished with a range cooker and white Belfast sink. Combine curved units, nickel effect bar handles and black square edged worktop for a modern look. The colour is inspired by the blend of heather, bracken and the rugged mountains of the Isle of Skye.
Tewkesbury Light Oak
A solid light oak Shaker frame door complemented with chrome effect angled bar handles and basalt slate honed square edged worktop. Create a traditional look with a dresser unit. Enhance the feel with extra tall glass wall units, a plate rack and classic cornice.
Note: Natural wood products may vary slightly in tone
Burford White
A matt white Shaker style door. Enhance the traditional features with glass wall units, wicker baskets, wine racks and pewter effect handles. Add a white Belfast sink and solid beech block worktop to complete the look. Alternatively for a modern feel, combine with nickel effect bar handles and stainless steel appliances. Add hob wall units and shelves to maximise your storage space.

Burford Gloss Cream

A cream gloss Shaker style door. Combine with solid beech block worktop and traditional pewter effect handles for a warm traditional feel. Add plate racks and wicker baskets to complete the look. Oak block style square edged worktop combined with extra tall glass wall units creates a classic kitchen with a contemporary feel. With extra tall tower units, the use of space is maximised.
Matching joinery doors and mouldings are available in a Burford style to complete the look.

Burford Beach

A beech effect Shaker style door combined with brushed steel effect square bar handles creates a modern look. Add square cornice and pelmet and curved units to enhance the contemporary feel. A traditional finish can be created by using traditional handles and glass wall units.

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